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Acknowledge Him - April 24th

Acknowledge Him - April 24th

Proverbs 3:6 - In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will direct your paths.

So as mentioned in the previous post(s). I was very afraid to showcase the gifts of singing, writing, and anything else that was entertaining. I never thought I was good enough but there I was, in California for four years going to school to pursue just that. Pursuing just that BUT…I didn’t put out any kind of material to prove that’s what I was called to do. April 24, 2018 was literally a few months away when I said enough was enough. I have to get this done. I can no longer hide from what God has for me.

Back story: For the past 2, almost 3 years, a few people in the church knew I could sing and would always ask me why I wasn’t on the praise team. Long story short the very first day I attended church there was an announcement that volunteers for the sound team were needed. Me being in school for music production and having interest in how sound works, I immediately volunteered. A year or so later I ended up being the Sound Team leader and there was no room for me to handle both. So I never joined. I would just sing along during rehearsals (when I felt like it) and go on about my sound engineer business. I remember one time a friend on the praise team checked the mess out of me. I was singing in the bathroom and a few people heard me and told me I had a beautiful voice and she agreed. I then said, “I can sing a little bit.” SIS WAS NOT HERE FOR THAT COMMENT! I literally felt like God was yelling at me. She said, “I better not ever hear you say that again. You have a beautiful voice. You have a God-given talent. Don’t downplay that. I better not ever hear you say you can sing a little bit again okay?” The little child that was headed to timeout inside of me simply replied, “Okay.”

Thank you sis! You reminded me that my gift could easily be taken away and I better not be burying it as if it were just for me to have and not multiply. You know the Bible says be fruitful and multiply? I was having bible study one day and decided to start from the very beginning. When I first saw that I questioned how many times that saying or phrase was in the Bible. Do you know? A LOT! I tried to count how many times in the bible by researching but CHIIIIIIILLLLE, as my first lady would say, there were so many I couldn’t. Just know in the book of Genesis it’s mentioned well over 10 times. With that being said. Whatever gift(s) God has given you, take that or those fruit(s) and MULTIPLY them! Don’t be buried in the grave with your fruits. Leave empty. Can’t take those gifts with you. Besides you harboring what’s meant to be reaped BY SOMEONE ELSE is downright selfish! Your gifts are not just for you! (With all due respect.)

Anyway realizing that my 4 year anniversary is approaching I have to acknowledge God. I have to give back to him in some way. At the time I didn’t know how I was going to thank him for helping me survive the city of LA. It’s brutal out here and is definitely not afraid to send you back where you came from. However, I remembered that God had given me one of many gifts and that was my ability to make people listen and appreciate my vocal ability. So I went after it. And I mean HARD! I told a few people when the EP would be dropping and gave myself a hard deadline. If you’re not from Cali and move here, you’ll learn quickly that people celebrate the years they’ve been here. It’s called a LAnniversary or Caliversary. That got me to thinking what better way to celebrate the leap of faith that got me here than to put out a project that acknowledges the gift God gave me, is clear that I BELIEVE what God has placed inside of me, and shows that I’m capable of doing what I was set out to do.

I did it! I stayed up MANY late nights. I had many studio sessions that could’ve seemed like a waste of time but were super helpful. I had a producer who believed in me. A co-writer who I vibed with really well. Had an engineer that was willing to cut me a deal for the mix. I had songs prepared and not prepared but finished on time and I had a deadline that I was determined to meet! I met my deadline y’all! I felt like a college student! I set a goal and I accomplished it. I was feeling myself! I DID IT! Don’t be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back! Alexa play “A 2 LA” by British:












(Shout out to @parislibretto for the hook!)

I’m still in aww and overwhelmed at God’s timing and blessings leading up to the project and even now as the project has been out for a couple of months. I’m glad I finally obeyed and answered the call. I’m glad that people were blessed by it and are still enjoying it. I’m glad MOST OF ALL that God is getting the glory. I purposely put the song Receive at the end because not only is He the beginning but he’s also the end. After all of the enjoyment and getting lit from the first three songs, I still must remember that I am only as swagged out as I am because of him. The first three songs are blessing people but that last song is a dedication and blessing to God. “What did I do to receive Your love?”

The color blue represents many things but the meaning that stands out to me is heaven. When I look up to the sky I know that Heaven is open and all my help comes from the Lord. When I feel low I look high and see this amazingly wide blue creation from God. I acknowledge that he’s the ultimate Creator. Once I acknowledge him I can feel that blessings are flowing, prayers are being answered, and that I’m right where I’m supposed to be! I’ve had blue hair at least three times. All of which are represented at the bottom! I also just realized that I had all three primary colors back to back, not on purpose, but on Purpose!

In everything that you do please don’t forget to acknowledge him. When you wake up thank him before reaching for your phone. Tell him good morning, smile at him, listen for him, SEEK him. Throughout your day converse with him. At the end of it all it’s about the relationship you have with him. Acknowledge him as much as you can and watch how he directs your path. I’ve noticed that because I wanted to be in relationship with Him and fully acknowledge him, he has directed my path to be able to release my music and step fully into what I believe is my calling. I quit my GOOD job to acknowledge him. That’s how real it has been for me. I trust that the plans for he has for me are to prosper. I trust that the path he has for me is better than any one that I could ever choose for myself.

I acknowledge you Lord! I love you forever!

Believe in You! Believe in what he has giving You! Listen to the song below:

You Will Win - Jekalyn Carr



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