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Inspire to Influence

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Inspire to Influence

There’s a medley by Tye Tribbett – “Come Out of Hiding/He Loves Us/Good Good Father that really assures me that my life is ordained by God and that he’s making my crooked paths straight. Particularly, “Come Out of Hiding,” originally sang by Steffany Gretzinger, is my favorite part of the song. For so long I hid behind the gifts and talents God has given me, mostly to save myself of embarrassment. I cared WAYYYYY too much about other’s opinions and found myself almost 4 years later without evidence that God gives for us to sow and reap. Word says, 2 Corinthians 9:10 (NKJV) Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness. How dare I take my seed and crush it so that it not multiply? I’ve done that long enough and I have since repented and now water my seed to increase, not just for me but for those who I’m ASSIGNED to. We often forget that our gifts are not just for us. They’re to save souls. Jesus gave us His power to bring people to him. Just think about Black Panther for example, but first #WAKANDAFOREVER; T’Challa is given power of Vibranium to save the world. In a way, one can relate that to the power of Jesus. He gave us his power so that we change this world and make it more whole again.

Now you may ask what do you mean 4 years later, you’ve been alive for 28? Well 4 years ago I decided that I was going to come to LA to pursue my dreams of singing. Not to make it big but honestly to get rid of the fear of sharing my gifts. I moved here on faith. I knew absolutely NO ONE and it was my first time ever being on the West Coast. I’m Atlanta through and through, okay wait…I was actually born in Pensacola, FL but I moved from there when I was a little child and barely remember anything about it. All I know is Atlanta so that’s what I claim. Back to what I was saying though, “I ain’t know nothing bout no LA” and once I realized soul food, hot wings with lemon pepper sprinkled, and peach drank wasn’t a part of the culture I second guessed my decision. I enrolled into a music school, LA College of Music, and there is when I realized, “Oh snaps. I can do this for real!” Long story short, I sang in my songwriting class, one of the ladies was very impressed and got me in contact with a promoter who got me a few gigs in LA. Those gigs were nerve wrecking but also amazing. I had so much fun and I quickly realized that’s what I wanted to do. Travel and sing.

That was 2015/2016. End of 2016 I was enrolled in another school, Musicians Institute, performed at a final showcase and made it to the finals. I got runner up and it really taught me a lot about myself. Again, “Oh snaps. I can do this for real.” 2017 however was one of the toughest years I ever had to endure. My oldest brother, but younger than me, passed away from suicide and I was lost. I didn’t have my family, I lost one of my best friendships, didn’t know how to talk to God or if I even wanted to, and my financial situation crumbled. It was a mess and I won’t go into much detail other than, all of the pain that I felt, all of the hurt and shame that came over me, I put that out in the atmosphere and on to other people and for that I greatly apologize. Hear me clear and believe me when I say I’m so sorry to anyone I offended, hurt, and figuratively spat on in 2017. Hurt people hurt people and I hate I was the one hurting people. Please forgive me. However, though I endured a lot that year somewhere towards the end of the year I found myself again.

In September, the word at The Potter’s House at OneLA was so rich! Our very own Pastor Touré Roberts (PT) topped it off with a two part series titled Destiny Lessons. Our brother Devon Franklin preached a message titled, Your Difference Is Your Destiny. PT also preached a word titled, “Time To Make Room” and he said something that I think about all of the time; “Inspiration without transformation is nothing.” Chiiiiile whet? September 25, the lovely Bouqui (“Bouqui in the BUILDINGGGGG) graced me with one of her skirts and I was honestly afraid to wear it to church. I didn’t want to draw attention and anyone who knows me knows I don’t like being the center of attention but I’m always willing to support as much as I can. This time me supporting someone else’s brand brought onlookers, and church paparazzi lol. This may sound a bit condescending or not of truth or even arrogant but I honestly just wanted to support a business and in doing so it sparked something in me; I got a sense of my own brand. I felt free, I felt like I was "out of hiding," I felt the push to walk in my calling. I was facing my fears while ascending to new heights. It just so happens that a part of my calling has something to do with my IMAGE. I’m an artist and because I couldn’t prove it through my music just yet (because I was procrastinating and just not feeling it) the best way for me to do that was to change up my look because Lord knows I would wear a hoodie, tights, and a pair of tennis shoes real quick, you hear me?!

That skirt turned my life around man. My hair colors started changing. Although I’d like to remind everyone that I used to color my regular hair all the time, this time it was different. The colors chosen were more vibrant but also meant something. A good friend of mine asked me a question. She asked, “British if you were to be interviewed and they asked you these questions, how would you answer them? Why do you feel the need to change your hair so much or why does your hairstyle change as often as it does?” I took a deep breath and then I answered, “Because I’m forever changing and forever evolving. Everyone expresses their art and heart through different mediums and my platform right now is through my hair and sometimes my attire. God is forever evolving my lifestyle, and who I’m supposed to be and the vision upon my life, and it reflects specifically through my hair. I’m a person who believes strongly that actions speak louder than words. So instead of me just saying oh I’m changing I show it, often through my hair. I’m also not a fan of complacency and so when I change my hair I’m aware that I’m at a new level in my life or getting to the next level and so I can’t sit stagnant nor procrastinate. My hair changes are simply a push for me to continue to follow God’s plans for my life and I hope to inspire others to do the same.”

All of the colors have meaning to me as well. I first started off with red. If you didn’t know, red represents many things but for me red meant determination. I was determined to move pass my past. I was determined to walk fully in my calling. I was determined to stop hurting people. I was determined to stop procrastinating. I was determined to LIVE MY BEST LIFE! And so I did. The red hair was litty if I must say so myself.

I typed all of this to say not only is my ability to walk boldly in who I am inspiring others but it’s also inspiring me. To keep going, to always be authentic, and to never be afraid of what others may think. I only have this one life to live and if I ain’t having fun doing it then what’s the point?


If you're interested I've released an EP titled "I.M.A.G.E." on iTunes and other stores. Link is below. I'd like for you to know that I released this project simply to SHOW God I accept one of the gifts given to me. To be honest I had buried this one for a long time but here it is, 4 years later, and I'm glad I finally said yes. Looking forward to improving and doing more but this here is about God. Nothing or no one else!


Who inspires me?

Family: @iammiamiknight, @iyndiya, @ymm_mendoza

Leaders: @sarahjakesroberts, @toureroberts

Mentors: @mrsdhill31, @stephanieike

Friends: @dananecole, @visionentkayla, @pinkcouchgirl, @_lamilam_, @mrkeiyson, @porchiacarter, @bri_dabrute

Many more: Future posts...

Humbly remembering what my boldness has done for others:

“You’ve inspired me to update my website!”

“You inspired me to wear black and white in my photoshoot!”

“You inspired me to get this stuffed animal!”

“You’re my idol!”

"Can you be my stylist?"

Humbly taking in the compliments:

“Let me get that outfit!”

“Is that Lady Gaga? You look like a rockstar!”

“You look like a rockstar. You are a rockstar!”

“Aren’t you that girl that was on American Idol last night?”

“Aren’t you the girl from Jesus Christ Superstar?”

“You always look so sophisticated. Always empowering black women.”

“You’re as breathtaking as Rihanna! You’re so beautiful British”

**Not being arrogant. Before I never knew how to take in compliments. They made me itch because they made me center of attention. I still am NOT a fan of being a center of attention but I’ve learned how to embrace the fact that people recognize the calling I have on my life.**

Below is a link to the song by Tye Tribbet I mentioned. Please listen to it and let it change your life!



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